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There are many different types of scarves from Nakada City made from Cotton/Linen and Silks in many lovely colours







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Caravanserais provided water for human and animal consumption, washing and ritual ablutions.  Sometimes they had elaborate baths and would also keep food for the animals, and shops for travelers where they could acquire supplies. Caravanserai is a word meaning Watering Hole or Resting Place where travelers could stop over on their journeys to rest and recover.

They were traditional Inns that supported the flow of commerce, information and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa and South Eastern Europe.






These unusual Pictures are Hand Made from Natural Coloured Sands in 3 D format by an Artist from Kharga Oasis in which he shows the life of the Oasis people.  The sand is poured onto a canvas background of glue to form the 3 D view.          read more

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